Advancing product thinking

Product Strategy

Learn how to build winning products.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Develop a strategic mindset to create a product strategy that matters.
  • Analyze opportunities (bets) incrementally validating investment
  • Winning through understanding pains and needs of customers. Differences between customers and users.
  • Develop growth and go-to market tactics.
  • Map stakeholders and messaging to create alignment
Who should attend:
  • Experienced product managers.
  • Product Leaders who need to work within a product portfolio
Building products is difficult, building winning products is even more so. Product Managers need to move beyond the basics that agile has provided around consistent delivery. Product Managers need to be obsessing about the customers unmet needs. Through this course, Product Managers will learn how to create step level change for their customers through a pragmatics and non-dogmatic toolkit to help them think strategically and explore options to help them win. Get off the agile treadmill and start focusing on winning the customer and beating the competition.

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Product Analytics

Learn how to create amd measure value. Am I making progress?

Learning Outcomes:
  • Discuss economic/business levers
  • Lagging versus leading metrics
  • Establishing North Stars for product teams and a metrics tree
  • Create measurement plans for bets.
Who should attend:
  • Product Managers
  • Product leaders working within a product portfolio
'Value' is a frequently used term in product, but in most cases is just another buzzword. Learn how to focus your team on value and to prioritize bets with the greatest potential value.

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